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Merger Integration

Integration Planning

The integration target has been identified, due diligence is complete and the deal is announced and closed. We excel in providing valuable, independent analysis of your deal pre-acquisition to help you vet any issues and make sure there is a plan in place to overcome them. You can lean on our experience and hands-on, white-glove service to ensure your integration plan is well thought-out and achievable. Rely on SteelBridge to verify, prioritize and execute the integration tasks. Using our integration planning services will allow you to:

  • Coordinate the ‘100 day’, and beyond, task plan in a way that allows integration to be completed swiftly but with minimum impact to downstream customers
  • Ensure resources understand their newly assigned responsibilities
  • Gain signoff on the approach from all stakeholders who often have conflicting priorities


Integration Program Management Office

The Integration Program Management Office (“PMO”) coordinates the long list of tasks for integration in harmony. From integration kickoff through the first year of ownership, we help the organization plan and stick to the decision-making process and timeline defined at acquisition. The PMO is the epicenter of all integration nodes and is equipped to carry through the planned tasks and resolve the ‘not-so-planned’ tasks. We keep pace with the timeline but also access risk factors that could cause material impact to the overall project. The PMO works as the ‘team with the clipboard’ to maintain focus on executing the integration through the challenges to ensure that the portfolio company significantly adds to the fund’s valuation.