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Fund Operations

Proper tracking of investor and investment activities is paramount to create an environment conducive to investor satisfaction. To facilitate fund operations activities, SteelBridge can help you:

  • Implement an operational infrastructure that supports the unique needs of each fund
  • Clearly define responsibilities, activities and communication between all stakeholders

With our support, you can effectively initiate key activities such as calling capital, making investments and returning capital.

Gather information from multiple sources, normalize that data and produce reports that range from financial statement to partner capital statements to holdings reports.

Operational transparency is an effective risk-management tool that puts in plain sight compliance with regulatory mandates and internal policies. Improve business controls by establishing an internal compliance program that supports fund management objectives.

Implement effective fundraising strategies to enhance investor interest. Leverage a precise set of tools to effectively manage and log investor communications and capture a wider array of fundraising opportunities.

Ensure investor inquiries are quickly and effectively addressed. Fully support the fund subscription process, contact management, due diligence requests, marketing material creation, managing fund document distribution and storage and fund reporting.

Define clear cash management activities and partner with leading custodial banks for support in areas related to:

  • Bank accounts reconciliation and break resolution
  • Income tracking and balance sheet management
  • Capital calls and distribution money movement


Implement tools and process to support all areas of fund accounting. Particular focus should be provided for:

  • Expense and income allocations and capital account reporting
  • Capital calls and distributions
  • Partner rebalancing (subsequent closes)
  • Partner transfers
  • Multicurrency accounting
  • Mark-to-market adjustments
  • Waterfall calculations
  • Management fee calculations
  • Maintaining accrual and amortization schedules

Implement a repeatable asset review program to identify, stack and ultimately select investments. Leverage information identified during the review process throughout the quarterly portfolio review process.

Execute investor capital calls and distributions by producing funding memoranda, reviewing notices, investigating cash discrepancies and verifying all capital calls and distributions by tying out all money movement.

Define a process for consistently and efficiently capturing asset valuations and future investment valuation forecasts. Leverage third-party independent confirmation of asset values based on relevant market comparables and underlying financial analysis.

Facilitate information sharing during audit and tax periods with accounting partners. Gather and filter documents from multiple sources and consolidate the necessary information for the accounting and tax teams.