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RFP Process Management and Data Collection

Producing and distributing an RFP is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task, but collecting responses and distilling meaningful data is equally as difficult. Finding a manager that aligns with your values, investment philosophy and performance needs requires proper execution of your RFP process. We understand that selecting the right manager is critical to your longevity and success. SteelBridge puts strict standards in place to closely manage the RFP process and criteria. We help by:

  • Identifying the RFP team and assigning responsibilities
  • Drafting and finalizing the RFP
  • Selecting investment managers who will receive a RFP
  • Distributing and receiving the RFP
  • Investment manager selection matrix
  • Interview and final decision-making support

Investment Manager Selection

At SteelBridge we help standardize the Investment Manager Selection process to make it as simple as possible. We identify your key criteria across topics such as the investment manager’s background, key people, investment philosophy and process, fees and performance, as well as any red flags. We rank managers’ responses accordingly in a simple, easy-to-use investment manager selection matrix that enables you to see what managers are up to par. Stay focused on making the right investment decision with assistance from SteelBridge.

Strategy Evaluation and Market Analysis

Gather the right information to evaluate and develop investment strategies for current market conditions. By monitoring investor movements and trends, SteelBridge gives you the advantage to avoid the herd mentality. Draw on SteelBridge’s exclusive focus in private capital and extensive market knowledge to better define your market analysis and strategy evaluation. We consistently interface with investment managers, investors and media sources to understand what’s trending for different strategies, sectors, geographies, vintage years, secondary transactions and co-investment opportunities. The strategic information our experts gather for you can help you make the right investment decision.