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Operations, Finance & Accounting

Administrator Alignment

Disproportional growth of external assets to internal investment in infrastructure is a common issue with private capital firms. Outsourcing fund administration gives investment staff more time and energy to focus on making and managing investments. Our team has a long history of working with leading, global third-party administrators both to help them service their clients better, as well as to help general and limited partners align with an administrator.

SteelBridge works with administrators to help them achieve world-class administration capabilities that general and limited partners have come to expect. We have an extensive understanding of the complexities administrators face onboarding a variety of funds and clients, and can help build a process for onboarding and servicing clients throughout the life of the fund.

SteelBridge also has extensive experience working with the general and limited partners to prepare and execute a transition to an administrator. We provide tailored guidance in preparing and executing a transition by:

  • Identifying fund administration needs to help clients make informed decisions about what services to outsource
  • Structuring administration fee schedules that make sense for each client’s business
  • Preparing and executing the transition to an administrator
  • Managing the relationship with the administrator through the transition

Reporting Standardization

All businesses need immediate access to timely, accurate information. At SteelBridge, we understand that dependable information is critical for making well-informed business decisions. To enhance information delivery capabilities, we maximize your systems and resources, streamline reporting processes and create reporting standardization.

Accounting Data Standardization

Accounting Data Standardization offers you the opportunity to fix historical data that has inconsistencies or requires adjustments to meet reporting needs. Inaccurate or “bad” data is usually the result of a host of different factors, such as an improperly executed data migration or differing teams managing different funds or partial outsourcing. SteelBridge has a proven process to identify data cleanup and build a plan to correct the data.


The Customer Relationship Management database is your investor relations and deal sourcing nerve center. We can tailor CRM solutions such as Salesforce to address the specific needs of our clients in the Private Capital investment industry. Give your Investor Relations and Deal Teams instant access to their critical information and documents from any web connection, securely, so that when they’re on the road they can continue to service investor requests and track potential deals.

Our CRM solution focuses on managing your entire fund life-cycle, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Deal Flow
  • Investor Relations

We can build you a custom cloud solution or select from one of the many prefabricated solutions available from our Platform Partners. SteelBridge Consultants are subject matter experts in the Private Capital industry and we will ensure that your mission-critical investor and deal information is secure, reportable, and is ready for your future fund growth.

Waterfall and Management Fee Modeling

Waterfall and Management Fee Modeling is a complicated process and one where accounting errors are most likely to happen. SteelBridge has the modeling experience to perform an audit of your waterfall and management fee calculations, or if you haven’t set your model up yet, we can help you build your fund’s waterfall model from the ground up in an automated fashion.