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Software Engineering

Custom Software Development

Our Technology Solutions team has the capability to meet your proprietary, unique business needs. Our team of experienced engineers will design custom technology solutions and provide you with well-built, user-friendly software that will solve your most challenging and particular technology requirements. We solve challenging business problems when pre-packaged software applications fall short. Our engineers can develop tailored software solutions based on your current platforms and future requirements, and we build tools that automate repetitive manual processes and enhance processing control and data transparency.

We deploy only the latest, proven technologies using either open source or closed source as well as proprietary platforms. These are some of the tools we are currently working with:

Application Development – J2EE

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Wicket
  • JSF Frameworks
  • JBoss Seam
  • Struts
  • And more…

Application Development – .NET

  • NET Entity Framework
  • .NET WCF
  • .NET WWF
  • .NET WPF

And our engineers didn’t want us to leave out:

  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Search
  • NoSQL and Hybrid Databases
  • HTML 5

System Integration

System integration is a key element in data efficiency and data control. It’s a request our business resources ask for in every technology strategy meeting. At SteelBridge, our engineers have designed and built connectors that allow applications to communicate directly with each other to exchange information. Proper system integrations allow adaptations in a changing regulatory and competitive business landscape.

Let SteelBridge help you develop system integrations that maximize efficiency and increase productivity so you can stay ahead and increase overall ROI for your investors or clients.

Microsoft Office Automation

Many organizations rely on Microsoft Office for their accounting and back office operations, instead of migrating to an industry-specific accounting application. In some cases this is a viable solution, yet security and oversight using Office may not satisfy all your investors and regulators. Let SteelBridge assess your current process and help determine if changes are needed to customize your use of Office to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of investors, regulators and auditors. Microsoft Office automation embeds your business-specific functionality directly into Microsoft Office and other commercial software by using:

  • Macros
  • Add-ins and Plug-ins
  • Embedded Reports
  • Interfaces

Data Warehousing

As the volume of data grows exponentially, storing and managing your data can be overwhelming. Our many years of experience in enterprise data modeling and optimization can help you solve your data management problems. Whatever your data platform, our engineers are ready to help warehouse your data to gain better control over your information.

Our engineers stand ready to go beyond the traditional relational data management model, as they also have expertise on NoSQL and hybrid database models such as MongoDB, MariaDB, and many other newer database paradigms.

Data Migration

Data migration is one of the most crucial steps in moving from one system to another. SteelBridge has in-depth experience and proven success in performing hundreds of data migrations from multi-year, multi-continent engagements to a simple data migration for a single fund. Our capable resources provide industry-leading guidance to assist clients and software vendors migrate data of any type or size from source systems to target systems. Our team can help with assessing, gathering, normalizing and migrating data using a highly efficient, proprietary process that ultimately delivers lower project data migration costs.