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Human Capital

Offering Overview

In Private Equity, where maximizing returns and enhancing the value of portfolio companies are paramount, effective Human Capital Management (HCM) has emerged as a critical driver of success. HCM refers to the strategic approach of managing an organization’s workforce to enhance productivity, innovation, and overall performance. PE managers who recognize that the success of their investments is intimately tied to the strength of the human capital within their portfolio companies can leverage HCM strategies to streamline operations, attract and retain talent, manage change, and create sustainable long-term value.

SteelBridge Human Capital Consulting helps our clients achieve superior business performance and enable competitive advantage through the implementation of effective Human Capital Management strategies.

Our services

  • HR Strategy and Design – An effective HR strategy aligns HR with business objectives, serving as a blueprint to build and scale HR capabilities and services. SteelBridge partners with clients to develop an HR strategy tailored to your business needs and culture.
  • Talent Management – We help clients build their Talent Management programs with the goal to attract, develop, and continuously optimize the talent resources needed to execute business strategies. A focal area of our practice is Compensation/Total Rewards services which include benchmarking, compensation program design, job architecture, FLSA exemption test review, risk assessment, and M&A support from diligence through day-one and integration.
  • HR Operating Model – An HR operating model defines the roles, responsibilities, processes, systems, and relationships within the HR function and its interactions with stakeholders. It supports the execution of an organization’s HR strategy and should be adaptable to evolving business needs. SteelBridge assists clients in building and implementing a tailored, efficient HR operating model, leveraging our experience and knowledge of industry best practices.
  • HR Technology – Technology is increasingly vital in HR, with affordable solutions available even for smaller organizations. HR Technology streamlines processes, improves data management, enhances employee experience, supports recruitment and talent acquisition, facilitates learning and development, enables data analytics and insights, and aids compliance and risk management. Leveraging technology optimizes HR operations, boosts efficiency, and contributes to overall organizational success and employee well-being.

SteelBridge provides full-service support for the HR technology needs of clients through:

  • Assessment – We assess clients’ HR technology needs by evaluating the gap between current solutions and the target operating model. We collaborate to create an HR technology roadmap, determining if current solutions should be eliminated, consolidated, extended, or new applications should be selected.
  • Selection – With extensive experience, particularly with small and medium enterprises, SteelBridge assists clients in selecting the ideal application provider. Our proven methodology, including Request-for-Proposal (RFP) templates and vendor evaluation scorecards, speeds up the selection process. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of leading application providers, we help clients choose vendors that offer the right blend of capability, cost, cultural fit, implementation experience, and support requirements to meet long-term organizational needs.
  • Implementation – SteelBridge experts excel in HR technology implementation, seamlessly partnering with vendor teams as needed. We offer project management, change management, requirements definition, testing, and deployment support services. Our focus extends beyond going live to ensure end-to-end process enablement, adoption, and sustained value for a successful implementation.
  • Support – While HR technology investment benefits all organizations, not all have the infrastructure, people, or strategy to fully support solutions internally. SteelBridge offers flexible post-implementation support services, including:
  • System extension and optimization
  • System and Securityadministration
  • Process support
  • Training & adoption
  • Upgrades
  • New feature enablement

At SteelBridge, we partner with top providers to meet client needs. Our consultants are certified and well-versed in vendor features and implementation methodology. We are aligned or partnered with the following vendors:

  • Workday
  • UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)
  • Paylocity
  • Decusoft