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Technical Expertise

Technology Needs Assessments

The SteelBridge technology needs assessment can help you sift through the requests of any business division or functional area and balance those needs to the budget. Technology needs assessment determines what applications and systems are currently in-use and what steps are needed to make specific improvements to everyday operations. We often hear the request for a single enterprise-wide application, and while this is often a major step forward in operating efficiency and control, it may not be sufficient for all your technology needs. The assessment includes our recommendations and an actionable plan to optimize your technology capital outlay.

Packaged Software Selection

Software selection is a time-consuming and potentially expensive exercise. Choosing the wrong application or having a vendor not provide the proper post-purchase support can have significant consequences. Sifting through countless vendor demos and matching pre-packaged solutions to your fixed business requirements is a sizable task.

Let SteelBridge help organize and select the best-in-class solution to save your technology team valuable time and resources. SteelBridge has built a proprietary, repeatable process to facilitate software selection. Our strong relationships with leading software vendors in the private capital industry jumpstart your selection process by weeding out inferior products and focusing on the select few that best fit your needs. We partner with you to help:

  • Define what your business really wants and needs
  • Navigate the process of software review and demos
  • Map business need to each of the software products
  • Understand licensing and terms of use
  • Equip you with tools to make an informed decision
  • Make a decision that will continue to benefit your business as you grow

Software Implementation

SteelBridge is the leading expert on implementing software for the private capital community. Our team has the capability to help you implement and configure software exactly as needed to contribute meaningfully to reducing costs and increasing operating efficiencies. We deliver maximum value from your new software and execute a comprehensive plan to accomplish successful implementation. SteelBridge has “ramp-up” resources available to help you deploy the technology swiftly while minimizing the overall impact to your day-to-day business. We understand and guide you through:

  • Planning
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Parallel Support

System Architecture Evaluation

One core system architecture evaluation and design service will help you untangle today’s maze of platforms, technologies, integrations and hardware that may be creating inefficiencies in your operating platform. SteelBridge has years of experience in providing enterprise-level guidance for an evolving technical infrastructure. Our experts will review your entire technology stack and identify areas to increase interoperability between systems while working to reduce overall operations and technology operating costs by using a better network of systems.

During our Evaluation we focus on delivering a structured, scalable and secure system architecture solution aimed to meet all your technical and operational business needs while optimizing performance and manageability.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is vital to keep your technology infrastructure running smoothly. Lack of documentation can make supporting and maintaining applications and networks very difficult – this becomes especially challenging in situations where you begin assuming ownership of a solution. Our team can help you create complete reference technical documentation for solutions that you, your vendors, or we build. Our objective is not to document just for the purpose of documenting but to guarantee business continuity, upgrade capability and enable a smooth transition process.