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Fund Positioning

Early in the fund’s lifecycle, the investment manager will address critical topics such as identifying the investment objective, preparing infrastructure and resources, creating key fund documents and qualifying investors. Properly executing this phase sets the stage for a successful fund launch and positions the investment manager for effective fund operations.

Identify investors that fit the objective of the fund. Craft an effective road show calendar to reduce unnecessary travel. Build appropriate meeting materials, pre-screen investors and track post-meeting investor appetite to maximize investment manager time.

Review the investment objective to ensure the strategy is viable given current market conditions. Position the fund objective in a manner consistent with the targeted IRRs using a prudent investment thesis while managing downside risk.

Design and implement proper internal controls to create best-in-class operational practices while complying with policies and procedures mandated by state and federal regulations.

Address tactical infrastructure needs related items specific to physical infrastructure, staffing, technology, service providers and insurance. Define a long-term strategic approach for addressing enterprise-wide infrastructure activities.