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Value Driving

Operational and IT Review

Operations and IT infrastructure typically lags internal investment in development in vertical or horizontal growth of a portfolio company, but is the critical nerve center for the portfolio company. SteelBridge performs an independent review of your portfolio company to really dig into what’s behind the curtains and identify early potential problems. SteelBridge is an industry-recognized expert in setting reviewing and deploying systems for some of the largest institutional investors in the world. Leverage our best practices and knowledge to ensure your portfolio company has the proper checks and balances in place so you can fully rely on the data that it generates.

Portfolio Company Operations

Performing an independent portfolio company operational review will allow you to better understand what your portfolio company can be doing better. This review will allow you to service your portfolio companies and make hands-on adjustments that are essential to higher multiples and valuations after purchase. We have experience working with our clients’ portfolio companies to reduce manual business administration and consolidated IT systems & processes, producing operational efficiencies for the portfolio company and maximizing investment value for the private equity fund.

Reporting and Valuation

Providing reporting and valuation that meets the test of auditors, regulatory bodies, investors and the investment manager is challenging. We stay up to speed on the latest market developments on what constitutes fair value by constantly having a dialogue with hundreds of limited partners and investment managers. We independently value portfolio companies in a fair and impartial way, with a focus on accounting fundamentals and diving deep into the details to verify accounting results. Additionally, we generate our own metrics of performance to back up our valuation. Make sure your portfolio company is valued appropriately either before or after purchase by having an independent valuation performed.

Marketing Distribution Channels

Top-line growth is the key metric every company seeks to achieve. One of the core ways to grow is to better broadcast your message. Attending conferences and trade shows, making full use of social media, maintaining focus on industry publications and getting in front of your customers are a necessity for all portfolio companies to build out your sales pipeline and achieve top-line growth. We can help you identify the right mix of marketing tools to properly position your portfolio company in the marketplace. SteelBridge can help you maximize exposure across marketing distribution channels and help deliver more downstream customers looking at your portfolio company’s products and services.

Acquisition Funding*

You’re ready to accelerate top-line growth by performing add-ons for your platform portfolio company. Our team of seasoned fundraisers can help with sourcing new funding – anything from bridge loans, sidecar or co-investment agreements or special round funding needed – by tapping into our vast network of investors, investment managers, high net worth individuals and company CEO’s. Capture opportunities faster by tapping into our vast private funding network to gain the financing you need to close the deal.

*Securities transactions are conducted through Monarch Bay Securities, LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC. Monarch Bay Securities, LLC is not an affiliate of SteelBridge Ventures Consulting LLC.

The material herein does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any financial instrument or securities described and should not be relied upon as an investment recommendation or advice. The content herein is not intended to provide legal, accounting, or tax advice. Use of any information contained herein is at the user’s own risk, and the user is encouraged to discuss the information contained herein with any legal, accounting, tax, or other professional deemed necessary to understand the risks and uncertainties inherent in investing.

Portfolio Company Succession Planning

Succession planning is a very difficult topic at many portfolio companies where the founder is no longer the owner and the new owner is a private equity company. Let SteelBridge provide an independent view to help owners and investment managers strike a balance in the succession planning process for the portfolio company’s long-term viability and growth. We can help manage the succession process in a delicate and impartial manner to allow the new owners to accelerate change in a productive and non-threatening way.