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Challenges and Solutions Around Regulatory Filings

SteelBridge has released a whitepaper on the challenges fund managers are facing in meeting regulator demand for gathering private fund information. Given our position in the industry, SteelBridge has been asked by numerous clients to help them respond to these requests. From our vantage point, we are able to help identify challenges and affect change to resolve them. We are also very aware that this change comes with a price. The costs that managers are incurring are not only monetary but also in the allocation of other valuable resources. In human capital, for example, we are seeing burn-out due to the burden of multiple filings, resulting in a drain of top talent. It is our opinion that the industry and our clients are currently not positioned to effectively react to this abrupt, significant change. It is therefore our goal to equip our clients by helping them affect process, data, and technical change to more efficiently respond to regulators’ information-gathering requests.

“We looked forward to building this whitepaper given our heavy involvement in the recent 2014 Form PF filing. We hope that you will enjoy the quick read and feel some comfort knowing that there is a firm like SteelBridge here to help with the uphill battle of a changing, more regulated industry,” says James Haluszczak, Managing Partner of SteelBridge.