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Success Stories


Accounting Software Issue Remediation

A hedge fund manager encountered backlogs and delays implementing its new fund accounting solution for managing client transactions. In just four months, SteelBridge was able to work with the client to debug and fully implement the system. “Sometimes challenges arise, and clients find themselves needing a little additional support to get over the goal line. That’s when we quickly bring resources to bear to help them get difficult undertakings like these under control,” said SteelBridge Partner Todd Haring.


Software Vendor Selection

SteelBridge successfully facilitated a complex software vendor selection process for a growth-capital private equity firm. Through careful project management and the injection of SteelBridge proprietary scorecards and custom due diligence questionnaires, the firm was able to implement a new, robust portfolio monitoring solution. “This process can really bog down a firm, so we’re proud of having helped our client manage its time and resources so well,” said SteelBridge Partner Todd Haring.


GP Accounting Investran Implementation

Responding to ever-increasing demand for third-party accounting systems, SteelBridge recently implemented SunGard’s Investran system for a top-10 private equity firm. “Whether companies build systems like these in house or engage third parties, one of their biggest hurdles is successful migration and implementation,” said SteelBridge Technologies Director Luis Burgos. “Our SteelBridge teams provide them with the means to do so quickly and effectively.”


IR Operational Improvement and Salesforce Implementation

SteelBridge successfully selected and implemented a top-of-the-line CRM system for a top-20 debt fund manager in Boston. This work included the incorporation of document management and event management software. Said SteelBridge Managing Partner, Jim Haluszczak, “It’s critical in the era of communications and disclosures that firms engage the best possible solution to manage so much information.”


Data Management- Systems Re-Engineering

Managing employee funds is always a delicate task. A top-10 private equity fund manager encountered this challenge with their employee funds, representing over $8 billion in commitments and 7,100 investors. SteelBridge was engaged to evaluate and re-engineer both the fund-accounting and investor-relations processes for these funds. Said the client’s Managing Director, “We could not have done this project without SteelBridge.”


Regulatory Filing: Automation and Process Improvement

SteelBridge Success! The firm recently completed a massive undertaking to automate the SEC regulatory filings for over 160 funds at a global fund manager. The effort involved the creation of a proprietary calculation engine and the integration of over a dozen data sources. “Increasing demands for transparency mean increasing need for efficient, error-free delivery,” said Managing Partner Jim Haluszczak. “Our goal is to help global leaders in private capital stay ahead of that curve.”


Operational Review

Recently, SteelBridge completed a comprehensive operational review for a venture capital firm raising a new fund. This work identified over 50 operational improvements to improve the overall fundraising process. SteelBridge Managing Partner Jim Haluszczak commented, “Fundraising can be stressful, and having to deal with operations issues doesn’t help. It was important to SteelBridge that the client be able to complete this and future raises with as little headache as possible.